How to charge KTM electric dirt bike in USA

KTM does not provide a standard plug that will easily plug into a 220v that we have here in the USA. This is a problem that I am not quite sure why KTM didn’t go a little further and provide us with a cable that would work here in the states.

The plug you get is an L6-20 Plug. At first, I had seen a plug like this and tried to find one at the local hardware stores and RV camper store. There are larger L6-30 versions that plug into let’s say a generator.

They provided KTM L6-20 is a male so we needed an L6-20 female that would adapt to a 220v dryer 4 prong plug.

This led to lots and lots of research online. Finally, I found an Adapter Cord NEMA 14-30P Male to L6-20R Female, 20A, 250V.

Parkworld Adapter Cord NEMA 14-30P Male to L6-20R Female

This is the cord I purchased to see if it would work and we would be able to charge the KTM Freeride E-XC with our standard dryer outlet.

Below is the link to the Amazon listing where I purchased this adaptor from.

CLICK HERE to BUY This adapter

Now, the question everyone is wondering…

Does the Adapter charge the 2020 KTM Freeride E-XC?

Once this arrived from amazon it was time to try it out. L6-20 Female to NEMA 14-30. The female L6-20 plugged into the KTM provided plug adapter for the Freeride battery charger.

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