Best Electric Dirt Bike Loading Ramp’s for 2020

It’s now up to you to decide which loading ramp will work best for you and your electric dirt bike. This depends on if you are trying to load your dirt bike into a truck or even a trailer.

Keep in mind the ones with stairs are safer and much easier to use. However, they are more expensive and take up more room in the bed of your truck.

The smaller ones are more compact and store much better but they are harder to ride up or push your bike up. They are also not as safe. You can use your dirt bike stand as a step when pushing your dirt bike up these type of single file ramps. Make sure that the dirt bike stand is on solid footing.

Its also known that you can use ATV ramps that fold in half and they also can be used to load your dirt bikes. They are bulky and take up more space in the bed of your truck.


For the sake of your back, having one that is lightweight and made out of aluminum will help you lift and store your dirt bike loading ramp.

Also, aluminum helps guard from weather and dirt rusting. If you buy a quality loading ramp for your electric dirt bike you will have a ramp that lasts a very very long time.

Personally I have used a cheap ATV ramp from Harbor Freight and I regret my purchase. It has broken in half, and I have fallen through the rungs so many times I rather not say.

That has changed as I have invested in a new ramp that is safer and built way better than what I had.

Let us know in the comments below what Loading Ramp you have and also why. If you have any questions about loading ramps please comment below.

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